The Civava’s collection: Ralph Lauren Safari – animal in me

This perfume was a love at first sniff. It still is my great perfume love. I never took the decision to buy a perfume so easily ever after. The picture above is from my own collection. The bottle on the left is bought in the early nineties and it quotes the date 1989 on the label below. The right one was bought some years later. Miniature is the youngest in my posession.

I still can’t explain exactly what drags me to this perfume. It is true I have never met a perfume like this. Not even now when I have some mileage in a perfumeland.

Now I wear it rarely, because I go out now very rarely. This is not a perfume to wear in the office. I wear it when I want to make some kind of unspoken statement and that is:

Just look and don’t touch. Yes, you have noticed me. Gooooddd! Now stay at the right distance, so you don’t get hurt.

I wan’t to be seen but not bothered!

What I like in this perfume is the right balance of ingredients in it. And it has great sillage. At least at the beginning and longevity of an elephant. So be careful when applying it. I prefer dabbing from spraying in this case. It opens with green galbanum and after a while, not very quick, it leads to flower heart where I smell lily of the valley, rose and jasmine. Here greenery lovely melt with flowers, slowly it gets to the resinous and balsamic base, but the flowers and slight green efect still linger around, just to make the composition complete and rounded. It never gets sweet or floriental, and that is what I appreciate. Safari is a definition of a chypre perfume for me.

As I compared the juices form both bottles, one to another at the same time, I couldn’t smell significant difference between. I don’t know about the later selling items. It is unfortunately not produced anymore, so I better stock up.

And the bottle fits the perfume perfectly. It reminds me of a colonial style. I guess crystal glasses for whiskey were or are cut this way. I still find the advertisment for that perfume so cute.

Safari was created by Dominique Ropion, and it seems I have a long relationship with this man, when I read the list of perfumes he created and the list of perfumes I own or I used do own.

Notes quoted at Basenotes are:

Top: galbanum, green notes, mandarin, aldehyde, hyacinth, orange daffodil, blackcurrant
Heart: muguet, rose, narcissus, carnation, orchid, honey, jasmine
Base: cedar, musk, vetiver, styrax, vanilla, amber, tonka bean, patchouli

You can read other reviews here: I Smell Therefore I Am, The Non-Blonde.

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  1. Oh, this came at such a great moment! :)
    I swapped for a bottle of Safari without ever smelling it, only hearing about it and now I am very much looking forward to smelling it soon! (it should arrive soon)

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