Neela Vermeire Creations Ashoka – new perfume

Neela Vermeire at her Esxence stand (2013)
Neela Vermeire at her Esxence stand (2013)

At Esxence Milan I had an opportunity to try new perfume named Ashoka from Neela Vermeire Creations. Neela Vermeire created this pefrume in collaboration with perfumer Berthrand Duchafour. Neela explained the perfume’s pyramid is revversed. That means it has base notes in positon of top notes. You can find that in Eau des Merveilles from Hermes.

Ashoka is a tribute to an emperor, whose own evolution from ruthless conqueror to benevolent emperor is reflected in Ashoka’s journey from the fierce opening to softly floral heart and the gentle embrace of its richly complex drydown.

At Ashoka opening I smelled leather, maybe some galbanum or these were only crushed fig leaves. The effect is dry, green, balsamic. My first impression was that this is strange and so different from all other perfumes in Neela’s collection. But very quickly fig milk and more flowery notes emerged. It is lactonic and with skin (at least mine) gets very nice. I wouldn’t say gourmand, because there is not enough sweetness and other spicy elements. Tonka been just slighltly supports the fig-milk-skin mixture and what you get is like yor skin is covered body milk.

I was surprised by the lasting power of this perfume, which is quite long, even though the sillage is not big and perfume stays close to the skin. It is very confortable to wear but nevertheless quite unique.

Ashoka includes notes of fig leaves, leather, white and pink lotus, mimosa, fig milk, osmanthus, rose, water hyacinth, vetiver, styrax, incense, sandalwood, myrrh, tonka bean, fir balsam.

The perfume will be available in autumn 2013 in Eau de Parfum concentration.

There will be also new version of perfume Mohur, which will come in higher concentration. It will be available in the flacon of amethyst glass with a special panache (mist) spray.  NVC perfumes will also be in new bottles designed by the perfume bottle designer legend Pierre Dinand. The new silver metal will have the NVC logo on it with Ashoka Dahrmachakra which has twenty four ridges on each side like the spokes on the wheel on the logo of NVC. Each spoke depicts one virtue. To me these bottles look so elegant and remind me of Art Deco era.

Neela’s version of Dahrmachakra with stylized Eiffel Tower

You can get more information here in Serguey Borisov’s interview with Neela here in Fragrantica.

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    1. Nothing to worry about. These first notes disappear and what you really get is, like I’ve said, body lotion feeling. There fig leaves and leather are not notable in the drydown.

  1. This sounds quite nice, Civava – thanks for the preview.

    And it was Interesting to hear that she had new bottles designed, as I thought her former bottles were rather distinctive and elegant. Sounds like you favor the new bottles, though, so that’s good.

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