What’s your pack for the summer holiday?

Here’s mine for third time in a row now.  I just add something new from year to year. The reliable bunch includes: Diptyque-Eau Lente, Balmain-Vent Vert, Parfumerie Generale-Psychotrope, Corps et Ames, Bois Naufrage, Iris Oriental, Bois Blond, The Different Company-Parfum des Sens and Bois, Sublime Balkiss, Il Profumo-Aria di Mare, Pioggia Salata, Huitieme Art-Naiviris, Calypso-Marine, Dior-Dune.

It seems I have used up Heeley’s Sel Marin.

Samples for the summer holiday
Samples for the summer holiday

This year I’ll add The Different Company’s Sel de Vetiver and L’Eau d’Issey from Issey Miyake.

My favorites are Dune, Vent Vert and  Odalisque.

What are your choices for summer holiday?

4 thoughts on “What’s your pack for the summer holiday?

  1. How interesting: from your holiday favorites I’ve tried probably just a couple (maybe three).

    Most perfumes I took with me on my recent vacation trip just didn’t work because I didn’t plan on a really hot and humid weather so I won’t even mention those. When I travel to places with a predictable clmate (e.g. Hawaii) I take with me Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess.

    1. Undina, Bronze Godess is a great choice. All samples I take with me are very light, so light I have to reapply constantly. All these work very well in hot weather.

  2. Bronze Goddess! Always. :-)
    And then some figs, vetiver, colognes – basically, I have a rather large collection to choose from once I reach my summer destination (I’m never sure what I might enjoy wearing so I take enough to be able to choose freely).

    1. That’s good strategy. I’m rather moody when it comes to choosing fragrance to wear each day, so I too must have plenty to choose from. Basicylly those are all light perfumes.

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