L’Artisan Parfumeur Timbuktu – Perfume Review

Bush Gardens in Timbuktu
Bush Gardens in Timbuktu

For all who wondered where am I, I must inform you I’m still here, alive and kicking – somehow like a worm on a hot sun ;-).

I want to forget the year 2013 as soon as possible and for 2014 I wish you all best or at least nothing worse than a previous year. I just want to move forward, even if that means as slow as a snail.

I hope this year I will be able to write more than just few posts. I’m  planning to visit Esxence Perfume Fair in Milano again and I’m really looking forward to it.

Today I blindly picked a sample from my sample box and it was Timbuktu. One of my first samples and neglected for a long time. In few years my taste have evolved and now I’m able to appreciate this wonderful perfume.

Timbuktu is a part L’Artisan Parfumeur’s travel collection and was created in 2004 by Bertrand Duchaufour.  It is inspired by fragrance ritual named Wusulan, where African women from Mali scent their hair and skin.

Perfume main ingredients are: green mango,  karo-karounde, pink pepper, cardamom and vetiver, papyrus wood, incense, and patchouli .

Immediately after I applied it I smelled something very familiar to me and after a while I found out it was a combination of karo-karounde with vetiver and cardamom. It is one shade of the scent I found also in Etro’s perfume Shaal Nur. Fortunately in Timbuktu it is blended better so the fragrance stays fresh all the time and it prevents it from being too heavy . The perfume is green-woody and soft at the same time. It has very good lasting power and it wears like an aura – it stays close to the person but radiates around you like a silky veil.

It is not the perfume I could wear daily .  It is a simple masterpiece, a must try for every parfumista. I would love to smell  it on a man, but also on a woman this works great in it gives light exotic impression.

Photo by  Wolle8ball, Wikimedia Commons, some rights reserved.

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4 thoughts on “L’Artisan Parfumeur Timbuktu – Perfume Review

  1. I had to check my database to confirm that I’ve never tried Timbuktu and after reading your review I’m curious to try it. How does it compare to Bombay Bling! – another mango-rich Duchaufour’s creation?

    1. I wouldn’t notice the mango if it wasn’t quoted. It isn’t fruity, it is green. Maybe like a mango peel. Whole composition is simple, there is not much going on, but somehow unique. I can’t really explain ;-).

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