Maison des Reves Gourmandise, Poudre, Mousse au Cafe – Short Review

mousse au cafe

I’m a huge coffee addict, not only when it comes to drinking coffee but also when smelling it. I can’t start a day without a coffee. I tried to substitute coffee with tea in the morning. No go! It’s like I have ruined my day right at the beginning.

That is probably the reason I love coffee in perfumes too. Two years ago I received set of three samples from Maison des Reves. All three perfumes can be mixed as the manufacturer suggests. But I was never a fan of  layering perfumes, so I’ll skip this.

Gourmandise is a nice winter warmer.  Opening is like sirup made of hibiscus and ylang-ylang, there is just light presence of coconut. After few hours it develops to a beautiful delicious and soft vanilla with some flowers in background. Perfume is not chokingly sweet. It is like a vanilla biscuit sprinkled with rose water. It stays close to skin. I don’t detect cinnamon at all and there is just a dash of suede leather somewhere after an hour after application. I think this would work very well also with salty summer skin.

Notes: coconut, blackberry, orchid, hibiscus, ylang-ylang, leather, white musk, vanilla and cinnamon.

Poudre has something annoying in the opening. One ingredient makes a mess here. And I don’t have enough skills to find out what it is. It strongly reminds me of a baby chamomile shampoo or some cosmetic product that my mother used when bathing me.  Poudre in not powdery at all.

Notes: bergamot, bois de rose, sweet orange, amber, tonka broad bean.

Mousse au Cafe is coffee just on a first sniff. I detect a pinch of something green, which stays to the middle of the development and disappears in the drydown. This perfume smells according to notes listed. If you are familiar with Werther’s Original caramels, this would be the closest description. I find it very cosy and serves as substitute to my craving for a coffee. It’s sweetness is toned down thanks to  woody nuances of creamy sandalwood.

My favorite and quite expensive is New Haarlem by Bond No.9, where lavender gives some freshness to the composition. Thierry Mugler’s Pure Coffee is also one of good ones, but too much vetiver makes it tangy and therefore more masculine.

Notes: coffee, milk, caramel, vanilla, sandalwood.

The Smell of Coffee
The Smell of Coffee (Photo credit: Dalal Al-Wazzan)

All three last on me for several hours, although the sillage is very moderate. They were created in 2011 by Loredana Beschi.

I haven’t heard of this Italian brand again since the Esxence 2011. I cannot find any reviews of this perfumes except of these on Fragrantica.

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  1. I’m with the hound: I’ve never heard about the brand before and I’m not sure I want to smell of coffee all day long. Though I do not mind it as a top note, I think.

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