Esxence 2014: The Art Perfumery Event, Milano


Esxence 2014 new visual
Esxence 2014 new visual

The 6th Edition of Esxence will be in Milano between 20th and 23rd  of March 2014 in a new place, that is Triennale di Milano.

This will be my 4th  Esxence in a row, and I’m really looking forward to see what’s new. At the same time I’m also very frustrated, because I know there are so too many things I haven’t tried yet and a bunch of novelties to discover. But nevertheless I’m always excited to see some of my old friends and I hope to make some new.

This year the lectures are open for public all 4 days, so if you happen to be there take the opportunity to attend some. Michael Edward’s and Osmotheque lectures are awesome. It is free, all you have to do is to ask for invitation. Events calendar is out so check it now and here is the brand list, which is quite long so there will be much work to do.

You can find more information on Esxence website.

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